If you need to take a good deal of camping gear camping outside can be a cumbersome affair. Keep in mind with this tent that the poles aren’t aluminum or every other sort of metal. U need to look up the eureka gossamer eureka solitaire tent review replacement poles. I would love to substitute them but the price for those was about as pricey as the tent I got. The significant disapointment was when we decided to pack up things and my tent poles BOTH splintered.

I got this tent because the manufacturer, the colour, of the burden, and of course the purchase price. Weighing less than 3 pounds (see specs below), it supplies backpackers and campers having a fully functional alternative to additional lightweight and ultralight tents costing 3-7 times too much, in addition to advanced features not found on other stalls in this weight range.

Purchased this tent for weekend backpacking trips. This made no sense — instead of just improving what’s a flaw with the Solitaire thus dropping company offer a tent worth double the price. I contacted Eureka and they said to ship sticks and the tent back for modifications and part replacement. The Eureka Solitaire Tent is an bivy style camping tent for those who do not wish to devote a great deal of money¬†¬†for a tent that is lightweight.

The tent fits perfect in 1 side pocket of my Jansport Alaska with poles and all the pins in the other. A double-sided zipper runs across the very top of the tent, making it possible to step out of the Solitaire when the top fly is rolled back or input. The rod sectional Broke on usage. I had already contacted Eureka and asked when I could have a replacement rod set before I went to need it because of what people said.

My very first backpacking tent proved to be a Solitaire. I have an Solitaire and have had no issues. The poles for this particular tent feel quite fragile. I bought this tent because of the weight the first weekend that the sticks snapped, and since I have mended the sticks many times, short of it is that I have probably spent more time repairing the sticks with this tent Than sleeping in it.

After being put up for a few weeks on an extended trip the sticks did break. I thought about replacing the tent pole sections all with aluminum so that I don’t need to deal with anymore rods. Rather I’ll be buying a tent, one that I can sit up in as well. The Solitaire is bivy-style tent with the extra plus of a top entry for easy entrance and exit, a non-free standing.


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